Peers Nursery was founded in 1980 by Sonja Peers and her husband Louis de Swert. Together they started an open field nursery on 2 ha.

From the beginning, order and neatness were the rule. By supplying plants of excellent quality, free of weeds, at very competitive prices, they were able to further expand the business and make the necessary investments.

In July 2013, their eldest son, Dimitri De Swert, became business manager. However, Sonja and Louis continue to work at the nursery every day to share their accumulated knowledge with Dimitri and his team.

Two new greenhouses were built, making the total surface area in greenhouses 1.5 hectares. In 2021, a new warehouse of 1000m2 was added, which is used for potting.

Now the total area of the nursery is approximately 20 hectares, of which 10 hectares are container fields and 10 hectares open ground.

80% of the assortment is cut locally, further cultivated and sold. This requires knowledge and passion. A motivated team of 11 permanent employees takes care of cuttings, planting, tying up, pruning, harvesting and selling of the best quality plant material, grown and treated with respect for the planting material and its environment.