Table of contents

Article 1 - Identity of the seller

Article 2 - Applicability & conditions

Article 3 - Our offer and your order

Article 4 - Right of withdrawal

Article 5 - The price

Article 6 - Payment

Article 7 - Conformity and guarantee

Article 8 - Delivery and execution

Article 9 - Force majeure

Article 10 - Intellectual property

Article 11 - Complaints procedure and disputes

Article 1 - Identity of the seller

Tree nursery Peers nv

Wommelgemseweg 20 A

2520 Ranst


E-mail address:

Telephone number: +32 03 353 15 79

Company number: BE 0536.295.875

Article 2 - Applicability & terms

Our general terms and conditions apply to any offer from us as a Webshop to you as a green professional.

To be able to place an order, you must be at least 18 years old.

To be able to place an order you must have a VAT number and be a green professional.

To be able to place an order, you must first enter your customer information and create a login. We will check these and create a customer profile for you.

Placing an order on the website constitutes express acceptance of our terms and conditions of sale which are always available on the website.

If you order online, we will also send you a copy of these general terms and conditions in a format that you can save or print, together with the order confirmation or at the latest upon delivery. We recommend that you always do this.

If, in addition to these general terms and conditions, other special terms and conditions apply, the above shall also apply to those special terms and conditions. If our general conditions should conflict with those special conditions, you as a consumer can always invoke the most favorable text in your favor.

Article 3 - Our offer and your order

If an offer has only a limited period of validity or is subject to certain conditions, we will explicitly state this in our offer.

We always describe as completely and accurately as possible what we sell to you and how the ordering process will go. In any case, the description is sufficiently detailed to allow you to make a good assessment. If we use images, they are a true representation of the goods and/or services offered. However, to err is human and if we have clearly made a mistake, we are not obliged to deliver to you.

Your order is complete and the agreement between us is final as soon as we confirm your order via the webshop.

To purchase a product, add the product to your shopping cart. Afterwards, enter your contact details and billing information. In the last step you get an overview page, you accept our terms and conditions and you confirm your payment by pressing the order button. Once you have completed these steps, your purchase is final.

Article 4 - Right of withdrawal

When purchasing goods via the Internet, you in principle have a right of withdrawal, but this is not the case for plants and shrubs sold via this website, as Article VI.53, 4° of the WER provides an exception:

“Article VI.53 CEL. The consumer cannot exercise the right of withdrawal provided for in Article VI.47 for: 4° the delivery of goods that spoil quickly or with a limited shelf life.”

Article 5 - The price

Our prices are exclusive of all taxes, VAT, duties and services. We can also charge the shipping costs in addition to the purchase price. In that case, we will always notify you before you place your final purchase.During the period that we state in our offer, our prices do not change, except for price changes as a result of changes in VAT rates. Article 5 - The price

Article 6 - Payment

All invoices are payable 30 days after the invoice date.

In the event of late payment, an interest of 15% will be charged.

The goods remain the property of Boomkwekerij Peers as long as payment has not been made in full.

Only the court of Antwerp is competent with regard to all disputes

Article 7 - Conformity and warranty

If you want to make a claim under the guarantee provided for a certain item, it is best to send us an e-mail with a description of the problem and addition of photos. The guarantee on plants only applies to plants that are further cultivated in open ground. Excluded from the growth guarantee is the death of the plant as a result of drying out, infection by insects, fungi or other pests and the incorrect use of pesticides. Hedges without support wire and trees planted without a tree pole are also not covered by the growth guarantee.We guarantee that our goods conform to your order and meet the normal expectations that you may have, taking into account the specifications of the product. We also guarantee that our goods comply with all laws existing at the time of your order.

Article 8 - Delivery and execution

All goods can be delivered to the address indicated by you with your order.

The cost for this is estimated when placing your order. When you load your order, we can only see how it can be shipped and what the final costs for transport are.

Depending on the time we receive your order, an order can in most cases be delivered within 4 to 5 working days. However, for orders with large or special sizes or plants that are difficult to obtain, the delivery time may be longer. The proposed delivery dates are always subject to good weather conditions. In case of bad weather conditions, your order will be delivered later. We will inform you of this by e-mail. If the buyer provides an incorrect delivery address, or the goods cannot be delivered to the specified address, the costs for new shipment will always be borne by the buyer.

Our shipments are always at our risk. So you don't have to worry about goods that get lost in trasport. However, if you return goods to us after purchase, you are responsible for the transport.

If the goods delivered by us were damaged during transport, do not correspond to the items stated on the delivery note or do not correspond to the items you ordered, you must report this as soon as possible and certainly within 3 days.

We cannot be held responsible for any consequential damages due to late delivery or non-delivery by the carrier appointed by the company. Our liability in such cases is limited to the value of the items that are proven not to have been received by the customer

Article 9 - Force majeure

In case of force majeure we are not obliged to fulfill our obligations. In that case, we can either suspend our obligations for the duration of the force majeure or terminate the agreement definitively.

Force majeure is any circumstance beyond our will and control that prevents the fulfillment of our obligations in whole or in part. Below we understand, among other things, strikes, fire, business failures, energy failures, failures in a (telecommunications) network or connection or communication systems used and/or the unavailability of our website at any time, non-delivery or late delivery from suppliers or other engaged third parties, ...

Article 10 - Intellectual property

Our website, logos, texts, photos, names and in general all our communications are protected by intellectual property rights that are either owned by us or by our suppliers or other entitled parties.

It is prohibited to use and/or make changes to the intellectual property rights as described in this article. For example, you may not copy or reproduce drawings, photos, names, texts, logos, color combination, etc. without our prior and express written permission.

Article 11 - Complaints and disputes

All agreements that we conclude with our customers, irrespective of their place of residence, are exclusively governed by Belgian law and only the competent Belgian courts are competent in the event of disputes. If, for reasons of international law, another law is applicable, the interpretation of the current general terms and conditions will in the first place refer to the Belgian Market Practices and Consumer Protection Act.We always hope that all our customers are 100% satisfied. If you should nevertheless have complaints about our services, you can contact us via We do everything we can to handle your complaint within 7 days.