Buddleja d. nanhoensis

Buddleja davidii nanhoensis is a fairly low butterfly bush. Buddleja davidii nanhoensis blooms lilac and becomes about 150 cm high. The flowering period of Buddleja davidii nanhoensis is June - August. Buddleja nanhoensis can best be pruned in the spring when there is no chance of frost. Since Buddleja nanhoensis flowers on 1-year-old wood and the butterfly bush can quickly look messy, prune all the branches to about 50 cm above the ground. Older plants of Buddleja davidii 'Nanhoensis' often react well to a strong pruning.

Flowering time
Aug - okt
Flower color
Light requirement
1.5 m
PLanting distance
3 / m2
Soil type
Alle grondsoorten, Zuur - alkalisch
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